Dear Visitor!

We welcome you dearly on the website of Budapest Jiu-do Club!

The aimgoal of our webpage and of our club are to make our style of martial art, its cultural and philosophical background and also all of Budo martial arts as widely known as possible. The website provides access to information whoever is interested and is a tool for our club members to keep in touch with each other.

Under the "Training" menu point you can find information about the place and time of sessions, along with the contact details of who hold said sessions. At the same place you will find links with contacts of friendly martial arts clubs as well. Here you will also find a short introduction about Jiu-do and explanation of the key differences between this and the popular martial sport we know as Judo. You can read more about Jiu-do in the "JIU-DO from A to Z" menu.

Under the "Archives" menu you will find a set of different types of reading materials. Under BJC News Magazine you will find all of the "BJC News"-s that were issued between 1999 and 2005. In these, you can read about the everyday life of the club, but it also contains writings about the cultural and philosophical background of Budo. It is worth reading them often. Under evening tales you will find short stories that are being told at the end of each training session, here they are enhanced with references and comments. Under a Minute of Wisdom you will find words which serve their purpose to be thought-provoking, while also working as a starting point for themed meditations. Sadly, the texts in the archive have no English translations as of yet, however this might change in the future.

The "For Members" menu contains information and materials, which are only accessible, to our club members. To access this part of the site you will need a username and a password!

In "JIU-DO from A to Z" you can read about the basic ideas and concepts of our martial art. The small-encyclopedia menu contains an explanation of the basic phrases and ideas in a vocabulary-like manner. In the studies, essays you can read longer write ups on the same topics. These texts are yet to receive an English translation.

Under the "Weekly Mana" menu you will find short stories changing from week to week along with the comments from the readers. This meant for our frequent users. These stories have no English translation as of yet.

Under "Budolibrary" you will find a selection of recommended books, which are meant for people who wish to learn more about our spiritual and intellectual background.

Under the "Photos" menu you can see pictures taken at our training sessions, training camps and our hiking tours. If you are a club member and you have some old photos in your possession please send them to us! You can read more about how to use of the photo album here.

We hope that our web page will provide useful information for many people who are interested in Budo.

Yours faithfully,
The Editors Committee